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Managing Accounts

Account services, collections and similar business dealings were once performed almost exclusively in house across the United States. But today many of these tasks are assigned to outside collection agencies and firms that can get the job done on behalf of their clients.

At L&M Bookkeeping of San Antonio, TX, we understand that these tasks aren’t always pleasant, so why not delegate them to a company that has the experience and the perseverance to get this done for your business?

Account services collections involve dealing with individuals or businesses that owe you or your company a debt and, let’s be honest, no one likes dealing with a debt collector. 

So instead of having one of your employees perform this unenviable task, just relax and let L&M Bookkeeping of San Antonio, Texas, gather the necessary information and deal with the people who owe you money.

Get the best results


Our results and reviews from past clients speak for themselves. If you need account services, which includes debt collection from our San Antonio location, our agency can make calls and handle a number of responsibilities in this area and report any and all information back to you and your company.

Our agency can also make reports to credit bureaus on behalf of your business and address any and all issues that arise as a result of our account services, collections and sales efforts.


Let’s look at a partial menu of what our San Antonio, TX, account services would include for the purposes of clarity:

Why do you need account services?

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Serving as a collection agency is no fun; let’s face it, no one likes getting those kinds of phone calls and letters in the mail. But account services, collections and more have to be performed in the USA in order to keep businesses and industries profitable.

Some account services tasks are easier than others, but all have to be handled throughout San Antonio and the rest of the USA. Customers have rights, but businesses also have a right to be paid for their services, products and more that have been doled out as promised and expected.

Delegate your account services, collections and similar jobs to an outside firm like L&M Bookkeeping, so you can focus on building your business, as well as your name in the industry, while also turning your attention to other important tasks that require your presence.

Contact L&M Bookkeeping of San Antonio, Texas today to schedule your account services collections initial consultation with a qualified member of our staff.